DEAR MR.PRESIDENT – Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen


1 Aralık'ta AVTO'da açılacak Cecilie H A'in araştırma projesi Sevgili Başkan'a 9 gün kaldı.9 days left until Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen's research project Dear Mr President, opens at AVTO.Video credit: Andrea Giannone

Posted by AVTO on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dear Mr. President is opening at AVTO:
Located in Istanbul, AVTO presents Dear Mr. President, an ongoing research project on national mottos by Norwegian artist Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen.
In 2016 the artist started sending letters to each head of state of the member countries of the United Nations seeking information regarding the absence or presence of a national motto as well as interrogating its “social life”, origins and visibility today.
With these questions the artist attempts to discuss the sense – nonsense of having a national motto nowadays. Hjelvik Andersen aims to point out the, in some cases, outdated and uncanny content of the mottos seen in the context of current social, environmental and political climate.
Aware of the impossibility of the task and its unpredictable outcome Hjelvik Andersen has received very different responses from 42 nations so far. A selection of these will be shown together with the letters sent by the artist.